WORKWARE3 Workout Management Software


WORKWARE3 Workout Management Software


Buy a Wireless pace clock or Wireless adapter, and get WORKWARE for only $35! 

Create sets and workouts in WORKWARE and download them into the Swim Clock app to run on your Wireless clock.


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WORKWARE®3 manages your workout data with ease and sends that data to your IST scoreboards. Create sets in categories with any name you choose. Build the sets into workouts, including rests. WORKWARE®3 saves everything in a virtually unlimited memory so you can quickly and easily reuse past sets and workouts. Running a different workout on each line of your scoreboard, you can easily tailor workouts for athletes with differing training needs. CTI Required.

Use practical technology to make the most of your practice time. Coaches who use WORKWARE®3 say it’s like having an assistant coach for every lane in the pool!

International Sports Timing, Scoreboards, Grand Rapids, MI
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