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Buy a Bluetooth pace clock or Bluetooth adapter, and get WORKWARE for only $35! 

Create sets and workouts in WORKWARE and download them into the Swim Clock app to run on your Bluetooth clock.


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WORKWARE®3 manages your workout data with ease and sends that data to your IST scoreboards. Create sets in categories with any name you choose. Build the sets into workouts, including rests. WORKWARE®3 saves everything in a virtually unlimited memory so you can quickly and easily reuse past sets and workouts. Running a different workout on each line of your scoreboard, you can easily tailor workouts for athletes with differing training needs. CTI Required.

Use practical technology to make the most of your practice time. Coaches who use WORKWARE®3 say it’s like having an assistant coach for every lane in the pool!


  • Manages Workout data
  • Create unlimited sets with unlimited intervals.
  • Displays workouts on your IST Scoreboard
  • Combine sets into unlimited workouts.
  • Saves all workouts
  • Transmit individual workouts onto each line of your IST scoreboard.
  • Store sets and workouts in a library and manipulate each individually or in groups.
  • Runs different workouts on each line of your scoreboard
  • Also works on other numeric scoreboards (Not compatible with Matrix or Graphics boards).
  • 5-year warranty


Event Lists

Use Event List to create and save the exact event lists you need. Copy and change as needed or import from Hy-Tek Meet Manager.

Event Parameters

Set the parameters for the events in your list–age, sex, distance, stroke, Freshman/JV/Varsity, time/class codes, Prelim/Semi/Final and more.

Offline Scoring

Off-Line Scoring for editing results before printing final reports. Adjust times or FTP results. Summarizes all heats for hand scoring. Re-send results to Hy-Tek MEET MANAGER.

Message Boards

Message Board for sending messages to IST Scoreboards. Assign lanes for warm-ups before the meet. During breaks, promote your concession stand!


Library Functions

Set Functions

  • Create a unique set name
  • Create sets with a SET REPEAT, the option to count UP or DOWN
    • Sets can have an unlimited number of intervals.
    • PAUSE or REST intervals can be inserted anywhere in the set
  • COPY, EDIT, PRINT or DELETE individual sets

Workout Functions

  • Create a unique workout name
  • Select sets to include into the workout.
  • COPY, EDIT, PRINT or DELETE individual workouts
  • Calculate finish time for workout based on projected start time and time between sets.

Library Functions

  • Select multiple sets in the library
    • Delete
    • Print
    • Change Category
  • Select multiple workouts in the library
    • Delete
    • Print
  • Print the entire set or workout library


  • Export all or selected sets
  • Export all or selected workouts and their associated sets
  • Import sets or workouts
    • Overwrite existing sets or workouts
    • Add to existing sets or workouts.
Scoreboard Functions

EZ Mode

  • Select a single set to run on each available line of the scoreboard.
  • Start or stop each line individually.
  • “Hold” each lane individually, restarts where it stopped.

Setup Scoreboard

  • Assign workouts to individuals lines of the scoreboard
  • Clear all workouts from the lanes

Run Scoreboard

  • Run assigned workouts on each line of the scoreboard
  • Ability to start and stop all lines together or each individually
  • Select whether to pause between sets. Operator restarts after pause.
  • Ability to edit sets on the screen
    • Can select which set or interval to go to
    • Can edit the time for the interval if necessary. Changes are not made to the set in the library

Message Board Functions (Requires IST Alphanumeric Scoreboard)

  • Create a message – up to 1000 characters for the scrolling line, 16 or 32 characters for each fixed lane depending on scoreboard.
  • Copy, Edit or Delete messages from the message library.
Interface Specifications

The Computer Interface interfaces the computer to the scoreboard.

  • Dimensions: 8.0″ wide BY 2.5″ high BY 6.25″ deep
  • Inputs: computer, deck cable, scoreboard, backup start and power
  • Indicator lamps: power and data transmission
Hardware Requirements

Computer Requirements

  • IBM-compatible computer with Pentium processor
  • Windows 2000, XP or Vista (XP or Vista Pro is recommended for networking).
  • 16 MB of RAM minimum, 32 MB recommended
  • 9 MB hard disk space available
  • VGA or Super VGA monitor
  • CD and/or floppy drive
  • Mouse.
  • One available USB Port for the Computer Timing or Polo Interface.
  • If linking to Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER via network connection, both the timing computer and MEET MANAGER computers must have the appropriate network hardware, along with the required cables to connect the two computers.

Printer Requirements

  • Any printer that is compatible with the Windows version in use. Note that some ink-jet printer ink will run if it gets wet.

Scoreboard Requirements

  • IST Alphanumeric or BOARDWARE scoreboards are recommended
  • IST Numeric and other numeric LED or other manufacturers’ numeric scoreboards can be used
  • Full matrix (graphic) scoreboards are not supported.

Power Requirements

  • All SWIMWARE timing devices, scoreboards and all computers running WORKWARE software must be connected to GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) 110V 5 amp (min.) outlets.

Recommended Equipment

  • We strongly recommend that the WORKWARE computer, its printer and the Computer Timing Interface be connected to power through an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). This protects against accidental loss of data during a power failure.


Software Product Literature

WORKWARE Workout Software Brochure – PDF

Software Product Specifications

WORKWARE Workout Software Specifications – PDF

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