Who We Are

IST is a family-owned company that has been in business since 1992. We are swimmers, coaches, swim parents and swimming fans, as well as electrical and software engineers. Our aquatic sports products have been developed by engineers with input from coaches, swimmers and parents to provide the most intuitive, easy-to-use swim timing software out there. Our hardware products were designed using our industrial engineering experience to stand up to the harsh environment of swimming pools and minimize maintenance for the busy coach. They are so rugged that we can offer a 5-year warranty on all of our hardware! We make training volunteers easy, and running meets simple.

What We Do

Innovative, affordable aquatic sports products and unmatched customer service are just two of the many reasons coaches, parents, and administrators are turning to International Sports Timing for aquatics timing products. IST is committed to providing ground-breaking products that suit the ever changing needs of the aquatic community. All of IST's products are backed by the best warranty in the industry, ensuring reliable performance and long-term value. Our friendly, helpful customer support is second to none and is available 24/7/365.


IST Cables – Info you need to know!

Many of our products come with cables that connect them to other items – the cable from the CTI to the computer, the CTI to the scoreboard, Deck cable to the CTI, etc. Often if there is hardware issue, the likely culprit is a cable or connector on a cable. Cables have a 2-year warranty, […]


MEETWARE and TIMEWARE Updates are now available

IST’s MEETWARE and TIMEWARE software has new updates available as of 9/3/2019 that include the updated NFHS dive tables. Download the Update Now  



“As usual, you folks at IST are ready, willing and able to help. There are a number of coaches and AD's in our area that are looking for auto timing systems and have asked how we like ours. It is always a pleasure telling them how happy we are.”Swim Coach Doug at Williamsville North High School
“I tried out the TIMEWARE system at a swim practice today - our new pool just opened yesterday. I was amazed. I just plugged everything in and it worked! Very straight forward to use.”Swim Coach Ed at Ann Arbor Country Club
“We had four games this week, and have had a great experience with the game clock, shot clocks and software! I just printed out the report for the two games yesterday and they look great. And, the clocks are all visible clearly from across the pool.”Water Polo Coach Ken at Oaks Christian School
“It's a huge reassurance to know that you are committed to continually improving your software & products. That commitment is a major determining factor for our confidence in you!”Swim Coach John at Provo Aquatic Club
“Just thought you’d like to know Saturdays meet went great. Everything worked perfectly.”Swim Coach Ed at Hampshire Regional YMCA
"I have used your dive generator for years..it is amazing....thank you so much! It has helped me so much!"Missy
“When I had the opportunity to buy a timing system at my new position, it was a no-brainer that I would go with IST. I had an IST timing system at my previous job and I really enjoyed the user friendly system along with the best customer service that you can imagine.”Jason Gallaher at Columbia College, SC