TIMEWARE3 Timing Software

TIMEWARE3 Software turns your computer into a Timing Console with the addition of our Computer Timing Interface (CTI). Create your own event lists; set up a meet by name and date; time and place events with one or more heats; score and place diving; print out heat results, event results, meet results and team splits; and store all the data in a virtually unlimited memory. Demo mode and video tutorials make training simple. Add IST’s SWIMSTART, a deck cable and backup buttons and get a semiautomatic timing system for a affordable price. It’s perfect for summer leagues and small teams. Expand your system with touchpads and scoreboard as more funds become available. TIMEWARE3 is compatible with existing starts, touchpads, and many numeric scoreboards. With Hy-Tek’s Timing Console Interface, you can download results directly to Meet Manager. Add the Scoreboard Interface to upload start lists and display names and teams on TIMEWARE®3 screen and on IST’s SWIMWARE Scoreboards or BOARDWARE. Network the TIMEWARE3 and Hy-Tek computers for effortless data exchange. Additional Hy-Tek and IST software required. TIMEWARE3 is an affordable, expandable timing system you can buy today and build on tomorrow. Designed with the budget conscious team in mind, TIMEWARE3 provides loads of capability for a very economical price.

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International Sports Timing, Scoreboards, Grand Rapids, MI
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