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TIMEWARE3 Software turns your computer into a Timing Console with the addition of our Computer Timing Interface (CTI). Create your own event lists; set up a meet by name and date; time and place events with one or more heats; score and place diving; print out heat results, event results, meet results and team splits; and store all the data in a virtually unlimited memory. Demo mode and video tutorials make training simple. Add IST’s SWIMSTART, a deck cable and backup buttons and get a semiautomatic timing system for a affordable price. It’s perfect for summer leagues and small teams. Expand your system with touchpads and scoreboard as more funds become available. TIMEWARE3 is compatible with existing starts, touchpads, and many numeric scoreboards. With Hy-Tek’s Timing Console Interface, you can download results directly to Meet Manager. Add the Scoreboard Interface to upload start lists and display names and teams on TIMEWARE®3 screen and on IST’s SWIMWARE Scoreboards or BOARDWARE. Network the TIMEWARE3 and Hy-Tek computers for effortless data exchange. Additional Hy-Tek and IST software required. TIMEWARE3 is an affordable, expandable timing system you can buy today and build on tomorrow. Designed with the budget conscious team in mind, TIMEWARE3 provides loads of capability for a very economical price.

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  • Turns your computer into a timing console
  • Software requires only one computer
  • Times and places events with ease
  • Reports heat results and event results
  • Prints out meet results and team splits
  • Dive scoring and scoreboard connection option
  • Optional connection to Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER
  • Add on additional features
  • Free 24/7 product support


Event Lists

Use Event List to create and save the exact event lists you need. Copy and change as needed or import from Hy-Tek Meet Manager.

Event Parameters

Set the parameters for the events in your list–age, sex, distance, stroke, Freshman/JV/Varsity, time/class codes, Prelim/Semi/Final and more.

Offline Scoring

Off-Line Scoring for editing results before printing final reports. Adjust times or FTP results. Summarizes all heats for hand scoring. Re-send results to Hy-Tek MEET MANAGER.

Message Boards

Message Board for sending messages to IST Scoreboards. Assign lanes for warm-ups before the meet. During breaks, promote your concession stand!


Timing Functions

Timing Swimming Events

  • Before the meet, the user sets up the meet by entering the meet name, date and location; and selecting the event list. The user can also select the following options: Print Heat Results, Print Event Results, Confirm Heat Results, Use Start List.
  • TIMEWARE3 times and places up to ten individual lanes. Timing can be done with two or four inputs per lane, i.e.: one pad and one backup button, two backup buttons or one pad and three backup buttons.
  • The Timing Screen displays the meet name, event name and number, current heat number, number of laps completed, status of each lane (OK or OFF) and timing status. If the TIMEWARE3 computer is linked to another computer running Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER, the screen will also display the status of the network.
  • If a false start (or other STOP indication) is detected, the operator has the option to continue timing, stop and restart, or stop and mark as timed.
  • Before or during a race, the user may turn off unused lanes. A lane that was turned off in error can be turned on again with no loss of time data. Each lane also has a status indicator, showing if the pad/button is currently active or off.
  • During a race, up to 4 lap numbers with the corresponding split times will be displayed for each lane. If there are more than 4 laps, the first split times will be overwritten by later splits.
  • If a pad is missed, or an extra split is recorded, lap numbers for each lane can be increased or decreased with one mouse click.
  • At the completion of a heat, an optional display shows finish places and times by lane. Backup times and the pad/backup differential are also displayed, with differentials exceeding .3 seconds flagged. No Pad and No Backup errors are also displayed.
  • The user has the option to edit times, print Heat Results Report, and/or to continue to the next heat or event. The Heat Results Report includes the meet name, event name and number and current heat number. For each lane, the report includes the lane number, lane status, splits for each lap, final time, pad time, backup time, differential between pad and backup, and whether the pad or backup time was used. The results by lane for that heat are included.
  • When all heats of an event are complete, an optional Event Results Report can be printed. The Event Results Report ranks all swims in place order with their time, heat and lane number for easy hand scoring.
  • All split and finish times are stored in a database under the meet name. This data can be accessed for editing or meet reports (see Reports).

Scoring Diving Events (Requires optional software TMW-D)

  • The Diving Screen allows the operator to input the number of divers, the number of dives and the number of judges. The screen displays the event name and number and the current round. For each diver, it shows the dive order, status, current round, current place, last dive score and total score.
  • Before the diving event begins, the user has the option of entering the divers’ names and the Dive Number for each dive to be executed. If Dive Numbers are entered, the operator does not have to type in the degree of difficulty for each dive.
  • If Dive Numbers are not entered, before a dive the user inputs the degree of difficulty. The judges’ scores are entered after the dive is completed. From the Diving Screen, the user can edit the degree of difficulty or the judge’s scores for the current diver or earlier divers.
  • When a diving event is completed, the operator can correct degrees of difficulty or judge’s scores as needed and total scores will be recalculated.
  • When dive scores are approved, the results can be printed, showing place, dive order, and total score for each diver. If desired, individual diver’s sheets can be printed, showing the degree of difficulty, judges’ scores, score for each dive, and total score.
  • All dive scores are stored in a database under the meet name. This data can be accessed for editing or meet reports (see Reports).
Meet Management Functions

Event List Functions

  • TIMEWARE3 includes the standard, 12-event high school event list for both Boys and Girls.
  • Additional event lists can be created to meet your requirements. The operator can select the event description gender (Women’s/Men’s, Girl’s/Boy’s, Female/Male). The event name is generated to match the gender, length, stroke and individual/relay designation.
  • The user can select the event number, individual/relay, sex (female, male, mixed or alternating), team (freshman, JV, varsity or none), age range (standard ranges or create your own) distance, stroke, rounds (timed final, prelim/final, prelim/semi/final) and time/class codes.
  • Once an event list has been completed, it can be edited, deleted (if not used in an active meet), printed, or copied to a new name and modified as needed. TIMEWARE3 can also import event lists from other IST systems (.isv files), from Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER (.hyv or .sch files) or from Easy Meet (.em2).

Transferring Data to Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER for Windows or Easy Meet (Requires optional software TMW-R)

  • TIMEWARE3 can exchange data with Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER for Windows or Easy Meet Software.
  • TIMEWARE3’s Results Interface (TMW-R) sends split and finish times to Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER (Hy-Tek’s Timing Console INTERFACE is also required.)
  • TIMEWARE3’s Scoreboard Interface (TMW-S) uploads names and teams from Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER. Names are displayed on the computer screen and on SWIMWARE scoreboards. (Hy-Tek’s Alpha Scoreboard INTERFACE is also required.) The Scoreboard Interface can be combined with the Results Interface.)
  • Similar functions are available for East Meet Software.
  • The exchange of data can be done via network or by disk.

Off Line Scoring

  • Once an event or meet is completed, the user can select Off Line Scoring to edit any swimming or diving event. For swimming, the user can edit the status or finish time (corrected times will be flagged in yellow). Heats can be added or deleted, heat results can be sent to Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER, or Heat Results can be printed.
  • For diving events, the user can correct the number of divers, dives or judges. The degree of difficulty and individual judge’s scores can also be edited.

Meet Reports

  • Heat Results can be printed from Off Line Scoring (see above).
  • Meet Results list the meet name, date, event name and number, heat number, lane number, status and finish time.
  • Split Reports lists all the results from the odd lanes, even lanes or all lanes. The report includes the meet name, date, event name and number, heat number, lane number, status, split times (both cumulative and subtractive), length for that split, and finish time.

Message Function

  • If linked to an alphanumeric SWIMWARE Scoreboard, the user can create, edit, copy and save alphanumeric messages that will be displayed on the scoreboard. Message options include scrolling, fixed and alternating.
Utility Functions

In addition to functions already described, TIMEWARE3’s Utility Menu offers the following:

  • Backup Functions. This utility walks the user through backing up all data files.
  • Reindex. If power to the computer is interrupted while a database is in use, the data may be corrupted. Re-indexing the data files will restore data integrity.
  • Update. This utility walks the user through the process of updating to the latest version of TIMEWARE3.
  • System. The System utility allows the user to set TIMEWARE3 to match the physical aspects of your pool, scoreboard and timing equipment. Parameters include date format (US or international), number of lanes, length of pool, measure (yards or meters), primary input (pads or buttons) backup input (none or button), stop on backup (for button systems only), scoreboard manufacturer, and number of lines on scoreboard. You can also select to run in “demo” mode, which displays a simulator with start, pad and backup inputs during the timing of a race. This is useful for training purposes. TIMEWARE3 allows the user to create two Systems, useful for teams who swim in 2 different pools with different numbers of lanes, or by two teams that share the equipments. A third “TEST” system can also be created. By copying live data to a TEST system, the user can run a practice meet without disturbing the data in the “real” system.
  • Pad Setup. Allows you to tell the software if your deck cable lane connections are numbered the same as the pool or in reverse.
  • Setup Hardware. Allows you to configure the computer ports for the Computer Timing Interface and the Results port. If using Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER over a network, you can also designate the path to the folder where exchanged data will be found.
Computer Timing Interface Specifications

The Computer Interface interfaces the computer to the scoreboard, touch pads, start device and any accessory equipment.

  • Dimensions: 8.0″ wide BY 2.5″ high BY 6.25″ deep
  • Inputs: computer, deck cable, scoreboard, backup start and power
  • Indicator lamps: power and data transmission

Included with the Computer Interface is a System Demonstration Module.

  • The Demonstration Module plugs in to the computer interface in place of the deck cable, and allows the user to simulate the start device, backup start, touch pads and backup buttons.
  • This Module is particularly useful for training purposes. It allows the user to simulate a complete swim meet without going to the pool.
Hardware Requirements

Computer Requirements

  • IBM-compatible computer with Pentium processor
  • Windows 2000, XP or Vista (XP or Vista Pro is recommended for networking).
  • 16 MB of RAM minimum, 32 MB recommended
  • 9 MB hard disk space available
  • VGA or Super VGA monitor
  • CD and/or floppy drive
  • Mouse.
  • One available USB Port for the Computer Timing or Polo Interface.
  • If linking to Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER via network connection, both the timing computer and MEET MANAGER computers must have the appropriate network hardware, along with the required cables to connect the two computers.

Printer Requirements

  • Any printer that is compatible with the Windows version in use. Note that some ink-jet printer ink will run if it gets wet.

Recommended Equipment

  • We strongly recommend that the TIMEWARE3 computer, its printer and the Computer Timing Interface be connected to power through an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). This protects against accidental loss of data during a power failure.
  • The addition of an internet connection to your TIMEWARE3 computer will enable you to download updates from or email backups to IST with minimum effort. This can facilitate meet support.
Print Spec Sheet


Software Product Literature

TIMEWARE3 Meet Timing – PDF

Software Product Literature

TIMEWARE3 Meet Timing – PDF

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