SWIMCLOCKWI-HI with Wireless Control


SWIMCLOCKWI-HI with Wireless Control


SWIMCLOCKWI-HI is a 4-digit, programmable pace clock.  It’s built-in Wireless receiver module allows you to run sets and workouts from your smart phone, using our Android  or iPhone app.  You’ll find it highly visible indoors or out, no matter how big your pool.  It’s perfect for circuit training, or  to hang on the wall for lap swimmers.  Link it to IST’s POLOWARE to use as a Water Polo Game Clock.

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  • SWIMCLOCKWI-HI’s 4 character display (plus center colon) shows minutes and seconds.
  • It’s highly visible indoors or out.  Since we use Super-Bright LED’s and a non-glare lens, you can read it in direct sunlight!
  • It counts from 00.00 to 99.59 and then repeats, or runs programmed sets and workouts.
  • Use our Android or iPhone smart phone app to create sets and workouts to run on the SWIMCLOCKWI-HI.  The app includes Workout, EZ Workout, Game Clock, Stopwatch and Manual modes. Create, store and run unlimited sets and workouts with your cell phone.
  • You can control the SWIMCLOCKWI-HI from anywhere on a 50 meter pool deck.
  • With multiple clocks, you can control 4 clocks with one phone, or 4 coaches can each control a single clock specific to their practice group.
  • Purchase the app now on the Apple App Store or get it free on Google Play.
  • When you’re not using your smart phone, it becomes a continuous counting clock–perfect for lap swimmers.


  • Built-in Wireless receiver module gives you reliable communication from your smart phone.
  • LED’s are protected by a shatterproof, transparent red Plexiglas lens.
  • Our sturdy aluminum case has a durable matte black finish and no-tip feet.
  • You can easily hang it on a wall with the bracket on the back.  Elevating your SWIMCLOCKWI-HI makes easier to see around the pool.
  • The built-in Piezoelectric Horn sounds to mark the beginning of a set and at the beginning of each interval.  When you use it as a Game Clock, it sounds when time expires.  SWIMCLOCKWI-HI is the perfect companion to IST’s POLOWARE.
  • SWIMCLOCKWI-HI includes a 24V AC wall transformer.  (For safety near water, connect only to a GFI outlet).


  • LED’s are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 100,000 hours of continuous use.
  • SWIMCLOCKWI-HI is covered by a 5 year limited warranty–the best in the business!

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  • The battery model (SWIMCLOCKWI-HX) includes two internal, rechargeable 12V batteries.   Because of our over/under-charge protection circuit, the batteries last a long time.
  • Use WORKWARE on your computer to create and store sets and workouts, and then download them to your iPhone or Android phone app as needed.

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