BOARDWARE Projected Video Scoreboad Software

Virtual Scoreboard Software Features:
■Shows More Information Than Any Other Aquatic Scoreboard
■Easy to Read Display
■Customizable Images and Colors
■Display PowerPoint Presentations
■Compatible with Most LCD Projectors

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BOARDWARE Software turns your IBM-compatible computer into a video scoreboard that can be projected on your pool wall. Driven by IST’s MEETWARE, TIMEWARE, POLOWARE or WORKWARE, BOARDWARE gives you an easy-to-read display with 32 characters per lane line and a scrolling header line. Image colors and logos can be customized for your team. When not used for timing, BOARDWARE can display text messages, or minimize the program and project any other image you can display on a computer screen. Do PowerPoint presentations for Senior Night or show training videos to your team. Imagine a midnight pool party watching “Jaws” on a 16 foot wide screen!

BOARDWARE is recommended for pools with minimal or no natural light. It requires a computer with Windows 2000 or better, a projector with sufficient lumen rating to show a bright image at the desired location, and a theater style screen surface for the best display.  (Use the sample display for testing in your pool.)  These items are not provided by IST, but we can work with you to put together a package to meet your needs.

This item is not available for on-line purchase. Please contact IST ([email protected], 800-835-2611) for a quote.

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