Swimming Scoreboards

IST Scoreboards are green! Even though our LED's are red, our swiming scoreboards use so little power you should think of them as green. Most of our scoreboards require a single 110 volt outlet, but internal transformers change that to 12 volts. In other words, a 6 lane alpha numeric scoreboard with every LED turned on will use about as much energy as a single 500 watt light bulb. Of course, most of the time the LED's are off. That translates into substantial energy savings over mechanical scoreboards and full graphic scoreboards. Upgrade your swimming scoreboard, save on operating costs and go GREEN!

Video Graphic Scoreboards
alpha numeric swim scoreboard
Alphaumeric Scoreboards
numeric scoreboard
Numeric Scoreboards
boardware swim software
BOARDWARE Projected Video Scoreboard Software
Water Polo "Period/Score" Scoreboard


Portable Water Polo Scoreboards (Indoor)


swim scoreboard icon
Portable water polo scoreboard (outdoor)


swim scoreboard cable
Scoreboard Cables

$12.00 - $125.00

Wireless Scoreboards

Any of IST’s scoreboards can be made wireless by adding the Scoreboard Remote package.  Simply connect the Transmitter to the Computer Timing or Polo Interface and the Receiver to the scoreboard.  With a range of up to 2 miles, you can use the Scoreboard Remote anywhere on the pool deck or in the office with outstanding reliability. Both the transmitter and receiver require an 110v GFI outlet.

Outdoor Scoreboards

For those of you who have outdoor pools, IST makes an outdoor scoreboard model. We use Super-bright LED's and glare proof lenses to make the board easy to see even in the sun!

Mounting Options

8 lane swim scoreboard at new trier


swim scoreboard at jenison


example of numeric 8 lane scoreboard


Custom Scoreboard Logos

Multi-line Alphanumeric Scoreboards come with a logo panel with a 2 color graphic of your design (additional colors or unusual detail may require extra charges.)  The black panel is 8ft long by 1ft high.  The IST logo occupies 2 feet on the right end, but the rest of the space is yours.  Most of our customers put team names and mascot logos on their boards. You can also recognize donors or sponsors.  Not enough space for everyone you want to thank? Add a second panel for an extra charge.


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