Video Graphic Scoreboards

Video Graphic Scoreboards

LiteStar Video Graphic scoreboards display video input of any kind, as well as a full swimming scoreboard with team codes, names, splits and cumulative times. Configurable size to fit your space, pixel spacing options of 3.9mm or 6.25mm.

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IST’s Video Graphic Scoreboards are made of 19.7″ square cabinets that can be stacked and configured to fit your space. They come in pixel spacings of 6.25mm, 4.8mm and 3.9mm with 6000 NITS brightness.

When you are not using it for running a swim meet, the Video Scoreboard can be used as a full video display for movies, underwater video feed, PowerPoint presentations, or anything else on your computer screen!

For swimming, IST’s BOARDWARE Software drives the display for swimming in conjunction with our MEETWARE or TIMEWARE and HyTek’s Meet Manager software. Before an event, the top line scrolls the event name and number. Lane lines display the team code and name of swimmers. Names and team codes are displayed throughout the event. All 50 splits are shown, along with the cumulative time.

During diving events, the board displays the diver’s team, name, current score and place, DD’s, judges’ awards, the score for that dive, the new total score and the current leading score.

With POLOWAREWater Polo Software, the board displays the period, shot clock, exclusion clock, and home and guest scores. As events occur (scores, penalties, exclusions) the cap number and name of the player are also shown.

Use WORKWAREWorkout Manager to run a different workout clock on each line of the scoreboard, with an interval counter and description of the set.

You can also add a team or sponsor logo panel of your design to the top or bottom of the board. Video Scoreboards have a standard 5-year warranty.

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