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Web Tutorials

Here you will find short (mostly 5-10 minute) video tutorials that cover some of the most frequently asked questions and power user tips and tricks for our software products. Click on a video link, and the video will load in a new browser window. Please be patient, it can take a minute or two to load!!

We also offer Quick Start Tutorial Video CD’s that will cover the basics for using our MEETWARE, TIMEWARE or POLOWARE software for $20 plus shipping. Contact us at 1-800-835-2611 or email for ordering or more information.

Video Instructions:

Once the video has loaded, click on the triangle to play. These videos have sound, so please make sure that your speakers are plugged in, turned on and not muted.

To pause the video, scroll down in the browser window and click on the small pause button on the lower left of the video window. On the lower right you will find buttons to change the volume and expand the video to full screen mode.

If you get an error message telling you that you need to update to the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player, click on the link provided.

MEETWARE 3 Tutorial (Basic)

Event Lists (MW3) – How to create and edit events in an event list in MEETWARE3. (4 minutes)
Meet Setup (MW3) – How to set up a meet in MEETWARE3. (4 minutes)
Point Systems (MW3)– How to create a point system in MEETWARE3. (3 minutes)


Seeding Preferences (MW3) – how to set the preferences for seeding a meet in MEETWARE3 (3 minutes)
Seed Data (MW3) – how to enter swimmers and relays into a meet in MEETWARE3. (9 minutes)
Seed a Meet(MW3) – how to seed events with swimmers entered in MEETWARE3. (4 minutes)

MEETWARE 3 Tips and Tricks (Advanced)

Athletes (MW3) – Tips for managing Athletes (5 minutes)
Championship Meets (MW3) – Tips for setting up and running prelims/finals Championship Meets (17 minutes)
Coaches Corner (MW3) – Tips for using the various reports in the Coaches Corner (9 minutes)
Customizing and Seeding (MW3) – Tips for customizing the MEETWARE 3 main screen and using seeding (12 minutes)
Diagnostics and Timing (MW3) – Tips for running diagnostics and using the Timing screen, including Adjust and Diving (12 minutes)
Entering Away Meets (MW3) – How to enter data from an away meet as if it was run on your system (6 minutes)
Export Entries and Results (MW3) – How to export entries for away meets or results for visiting teams (11 minutes)
Import Entries and Results (MW3) – How to import entries from visiting teams or results from away meets (8 minutes)
Message Board, Utilities and Help (MW3) – Tips for using the message board function, items in Utilities and the Help Files (12 minutes)
Offline and Reports (MW3) – Tips for using Offline Scoring and various reports available (11 minutes)
Records and Standards (MW3) – Tips for setting up and using Records and Standards (8 minutes)

TIMEWARE 3 (Basic)

Introduction to TIMEWARE3 – this tutorial video will get you familiarized with TIMEWARE3 and get you all set up.
Create A Start List (TW3) – explains how to create a Start List with Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager that can be accessed by IST’s TIMEWARE3 software. (2 minutes)
Event List Download (TW3) – explains how to download an event list from Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager to IST’s TIMEWARE3 software (1 minute)
Event List Import (TW3) – explains how to import an event list into IST’s TIMEWARE3 software (1 minute)
Meet Manager Setup (TW3) – explains how to set up Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager so that it will communicate with IST’s TIMEWARE software. (2 minutes)
Sharing the SWMEETS folder (TW3) – explains how to make sure the SWMEETS folder is properly shared so that both TIMEWARE3 and Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager software can use it. (2 minutes).
Offline Scoring (TW3) – Explains how to use Offline Scoring to correct times, status, add or remove heats or re-send results to GNET ( 1 minute)


POLOWARE 3 Tutorial – Explains how to set up your system, configure hardware, set up and run a match, print reports and backup data (27 min)