Web Tutorials

Here you will find short (mostly 5-10 minute) video tutorials that cover some of the most frequently asked questions and power user tips and tricks for our software products. Click on a video link, and the video will load in a new browser window. Please be patient, it can take a minute or two to load!!

We also offer Quick Start Tutorial Video CD’s that will cover the basics for using our MEETWARE, TIMEWARE or POLOWARE software for $20 plus shipping. Contact us at 1-800-835-2611 or email [email protected] for ordering or more information.

Video Instructions

Once the video has loaded, click on the triangle to play. These videos have sound, so please make sure that your speakers are plugged in, turned on and not muted.

To pause the video, scroll down in the browser window and click on the small pause button on the lower left of the video window. On the lower right you will find buttons to change the volume and expand the video to full screen mode.

If you get an error message telling you that you need to update to the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player, click on the link provided.

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