Software Updates

Instructions for Downloading an Update for Windows software packages

To download, click on the Version number of the update needed from the table below. Save the "**" file to your Downloads Folder, Desktop, flash or CD drive. DO NOT OPEN OR RUN THE FILE AT THIS POINT.

Open the software and select Update. Select the "**" file from the appropriate drive and then click the UPDATE button and follow the instructions on the screen. (See the software's Help files for more detailed Update instructions).

** mw3=MEETWARE®3 & TIMEWARE®3, pwii=POLOWARE® 2, pw3=POLOWARE®3, ww2=WORKWARE®2

Click Here to download detailed instructions for installing updates

Clearing Browser Cache

If you have installed the latest update and the date in the software doesn't match what is in the list below, it is possible that your browser downloaded a cached version of the update file, rather than the most recent version. To fix this, clear your browser cache, delete the previous update file, re-download the update file, and install the update again.

Product Version Date Read Me
MEETWARE®3/TIMEWARE®3 3.20 8/15/22 up301.txt
POLOWARE®3 3.00 08/05/21 N/A
WORKWARE2(Special Update Instructions) 2.00 10/20/09 N/A
BOARDWARE®3 3.20 2/15/22 N/A

Updates for the original TIMEWARE®, POLOWARE® and WORKWARE® programs are no longer available. Please call IST for information on upgrading to TIMEWARE®3, POLOWARE®3 or WORKWARE®2.

If you need to reinstall your IST Software and your original install CD is more that 2 versions behind, you should consider purchasing a new installation CD at the most current version for $30.00.

If you have problems with an update, please email us at [email protected] or call 1-800-835-2611.

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