Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in your Decklight desk connection product, but I already have a timing system. Will it work with my equipment?
DECKLIGHT requires power, which is can only get from our Computer Timing Interface, which is controlled by our TIMEWARE2 or MEETWARE software. If you want to replace your current in-deck wiring or deck cable with DECKLIGHT you will also need to replace your timing console, start cable and backup buttons. You will also need to either replace or convert your touchpads. IST and Colorado touchpads can be converted, but Daktronics touchpads must be replaced. If you have a numeric scoreboard, you will NOT need to replace it, but if you have a graphics board it will not work with our system.
Do you have a graphics or matrix scoreboard?
We do have video scoreboards, but we have something better – BOARDWARE. BOARDWARE is a project-able scoreboard software package that is about a tenth of the price of a full graphics scoreboard – not to mention it requires much less maintenance over time. Wherever you can put a screen or have a blank wall you can project your scoreboard. What makes it better than a graphics board is that 1) you can run it from the same computer that you run MEETWARE or TIMEWARE2 on and 2) anything that you can put on a computer screen you can project onto your “scoreboard”. You can run a PowerPoint presentation on senior night, have movie nights, or connect your underwater video camera and show your swimmers their strokes.

If you prefer to have a physical scoreboard, or you pool is just too bright to use a projector, we now offer full color video scoreboards. Contact us for more information and a price.

Can I use my current timing console with your scoreboard
IST’s scoreboards can only be driven by a PC running Windows 2000 or later and TIMEWARE2 or MEETWARE Software. Your current timing console simply isn’t smart enough.
How can you time with a computer clock? Don't they vary form machine to machine
Yes, they do and that’s why we don’t use the computer’s clock for timing. TIMEWARE2or MEETWARE Software comes with a Computer Timing Interface (CTI) that houses our extremely accurate clock circuit. The (CTI) connects to your computer through a USB (we provide the cable). The (CTI) is also where you plug in your deck cable and scoreboard, and it converts the incoming data to a format your computer can understand. There’s even a connector for a backup button, so you can back up the starting system at the beginning of each race.
I suppose I need a really fast computer to make this work.
Not at all. Many older computers will work just fine, and laptops are the most popular. TIMEWARE2 or MEETWARE require a computer running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7. 32 Meg of Ram is the minimum, but 64 Meg is recommended. You’ll also need CD and/or flash drive, a COM or USB port and an external mouse (touchpads are not recommended). If you want to link to a second computer running Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER, you’ll need the appropriate network hardware.
Why do I have to use two computers if I'm running TIMEWARE2 and a meet management package? Couldn't I just run them on the same computer?
You could, but it will slow your meet down to a crawl. If you have both programs on one computer you can either time a race or do meet management, but not both at the same time. With the packages on separate computers you can run the 200 freestyle on the timing computer while you are updating the heats for the 50 free or fixing the names on the 200 medley relay on the meet management computer.

If you prefer to have a physical scoreboard, or you pool is just too bright to use a projector, we have partnered with Fair-Play and can drive their matrix boards.

If I put TIMEWARE2 or MEETWARE Software on my computer, can I still use it for other stuff?
Of course! TIMEWARE 2 or MEETWARE Software only need about 20 meg on your hard drive, a mere pittance in these days of gigabytes.

We do recommend that if you are using a seperate meet management software package that you run it on a second computer. This allows you to make changes to events that have been completed or events that have not yet been run while you are timing an event. If you have both software packages on the same computer you will only be able to use one at a time, which can slow a meet down considerably.

I am using your MEETWARE software for a big meet. Can I set up a meet management computer so that I can do marshaling while I'm timing?
You can actually set MEETWARE up as a terminal on a second computer. Load MEETWARE onto a second computer, network the two computers together, and login to the second computer as a terminal (instructions can be found HERE). On the terminal timing functions are disabled but you can make changes in SEEDING and OFFLINE SCORING at the terminal while the main computer is timing the meet.
So, what's all this going to cost?
A lot less than you’d think. IST’s numeric scoreboards are cost competitive with our competitors’ numeric boards. Our alphanumeric boards may not do waving flags, but you’ll get more information than any graphics board on the market for a LOT less money! If you do want waving flags, you have the opion of our projectable scoreboard software, BOARDWARE, which is more versitile than a graphic board for about one-tenth of the cost. We’re also the only one in the industry to offer direct financing. Call us at 1-800-835-2611 or complete our Product Selector and we’ll send a you detailed quote.
Where is the timing console?
There isn’t one! IST uses your PC running Windows and our TIMEWARE2 or MEETWARESoftware instead of a timing console.

TIMEWARE2 handles the timing functions of your old timing console and does even more! Use the Message function to turn your IST alphanumeric scoreboard into a Message Center. With additional software, you can link to another computer running Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER, and upload names and team codes to display on IST’s alphanumeric scoreboards, then download times directly to MEET MANAGER. What could be easier!

MEETWARE eliminates the need for a second computer and operator by combining the functions of TIMEWARE2 with our own meet management software. MEETWARE is especially popular with high schools which run fewer events and often have problems finding volunteers for timing. MEETWARE can import entries from and export results to Hy-Tek’s TEAM MANAGER. You can even link to MEET MANAGER, just like TIMEWARE2 if you prefer.

If I buy a one-line board, won't I lose a lot of information?
Some, but not much. When using TIMEWARE2 linked to MEET MANAGER or MEETWARE, our one-line alphanumeric board scrolls the event name and number, heat number, then each swimmers’ lane, team code, first initial and last name. During the event, you’ll see a running clock and the leader’s splits. As the finishes come in, the board shows the lane (identified with and “L”), the place (identified with a “P”) and the finish time. You do miss seeing each swimmers’ splits, but they’ll still be on the event results report, since you still have the same TIMEWARE2 Software as the folks with the big boards.
We don't have any timing equipment and can't afford to buy it all at once. Can we start with the basics and add more later?
Sure! Our most basic system would include the TIMEWARE2 Software, SWIMSTART, deck cable and backup buttons for each lane. We call this “semi-automatic timing”, since the swimmers get an automatic start, but a manual finish with the backup buttons. As funds permit, you can add a one-line scoreboardand touchpads. Later you can expand the one-line board to a multi-lane display. Or, consider buying a complete system up front and letting us finance it for you. Why wait?
Can I trade-in my old timing equipment on a new IST Timing System?
We can’t accept other vendor’s products as trade-in’s, but there is quite a market for working, used timing equipment. Ask around your league, or call us. We’d be glad to put a link on our web site’s Used Equipment page to help you find a buyer.
I'm already using a meet and team management program. Do I have to re-enter all that data in TIMEWATE3?
No way! Since TIMEWARE2 Software interfaces to the most popular meet management packages, you simply link the computers with a simple network and use the data as it stands. You can even transfer your event lists into TIMEWARE2. Check with your meet management provider for compatibility with TIMEWARE2.
How well will an electronic scoreboard hold up in the humidity?
Much better than mechanical ones, since ours are solid state. We apply a conformal coating to our electronic circuit boards to protect the components from the pool’s humidity and chlorine. Leaving the scoreboard powered but not lit will keep the components just warm enough to prevent condensation from forming. We also use a Plexiglas lens over the LED’s to guard against wild water polo balls and flying kick boards. We’ve even done a water polo ball test to see how well our product will hold up. We’re so confident in our products’ durability, we warranty them for five years!
I already have a timing system, but I'd like to replace the scoreboard. Are your products compatible?
IST’s Timing Systems are compatible with all major brands of touch pads and electronic starts, so you can continue to use those if they’re still functional. You just need to buy thescoreboard, TIMEWARE2 or MEETWARE Software and perhaps a deck cable. Why buy more than you need? (We can connect directly to most Colorado Time Systems deck cables, but cables from Daktronics or Omega must be replaced.)
I have a fairly new scoreboard, but need a new timing console. Can you help me?
If you have a Colorado, Daktronics (Multi-Line version) or Kyrotech numeric * scoreboard (one-line or multi-lane) or a Fair-Play board of any type, you’re in luck! You can connect your computer to the board and just tell the TIMEWARE2 or MEETWARE Software what you’re using. The scoreboard display will be the same as before, but you will have all the additional capabilities of the TIMEWARE2 or MEETWARE Software. Several of our customers have taken this road while they raise additional funds for a scoreboard purchase.

*Daktronics Multi-drop type scoreboards and Colorado or Daktronics Graphic boards are not compatible.