Seeding lanes 1-3/4-6 for a dual meet


With the current pandemic, a lot of changes are being made to swim meets. One of the more common changes is keeping the two teams separated physically as much as possible. No pre- or post-meet handshakes, everyone stays on their side of the pool, and instead of alternating lanes, each team gets half the lanes in the pool.

If you need to run teams in 1-3/4-6 or 1-4/5-8. You can set this up in MEETWARE with just a little extra effort.

First, set up your dual meet in Seed Preferences. Select either ODD or EVEN for the team shown. If that team is swimming in 1-3 or 1-4, set it to ODD. If that team is swimming in 4-6 or 5-8, set it to EVEN.

Next, seed the meet as you normally would. Then select the first event.

Now click on the relay name in lane 2 and drag and drop it to lane 5. This will switch the relays in the two lanes.

Now, all the OHHS swimmers are in lanes 1-3, with the fastest in the middle and the slowest on the outside, and the GRU swimmers are in lanes 4-6 with the same order.

Finally, click on the next event in the list and do the same thing for all of them (except diving). Just remember – DON’T RESEED the event once you have made the changes manually, or it will overwrite what you just did.

For an 8-lane pool you can do the same thing, you just need to swap lanes 2 and 7 and lanes 4 and 5.

Good luck and stay safe! As always if you need any help at all please feel free to reach out.

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