SWIMWARE Diving Judge’s Scoring Consoles


Judge diving electronically with this hand-held touchscreen console. Use the Diving Console Interface to communicate with IST’s popular timing software.

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SWIMWARE Diving Judge’s Scoring Consoles allow each diving judge to input his or her score directly into the TIMEWARE or MEETWARE Meet Management Software. The software then computes the total award and displays the dive data as it would with a manual entry of diving awards.

The consoles are small and easy to use. The judge taps a number key to award the score. The award entered will be displayed on the screen and when the judge confirms that it’s correct, he or she presses the Send key. Each console is assigned to an individual judge, preserving a record of awards by each judge, and allowing faster scoring since all judges are inputting their awards simultaneously.

MEETWARE and TIMEWARE both have the capability to run diving events (sold as on option for TIMEWARE, standard on MEETWARE) with or without the diving consoles. Dives can be preloaded or typed in as the event is being run. Scores can be entered either with the keyboard or diving consoles. Balks and failed dives can automatically be calculated with the software and dive sheets can be printed at the end of the meet.

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