Swim Clock App for IST SWIMCLOCK with Bluetooth®

Swim Clock is an app for iPhone or Android smartphone that controls a Bluetooth® enabled IST Pace Clock. Available on the Apple App Store ($5.99) and Google Play (free).


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The Swim Clock App controls IST’s SWIMCLOCK with Bluetooth® or IST’s pace clock with a Bluetooth® Adapter. The app can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android smartphone.  It’s like having an assistant coach that does exactly what you want!

The Swim Clock app allows you to run your pace clock in four different modes:

  • Timer Mode – Run the clock as continuous count or simple stopwatch
  • Game Clock Mode – Count up or down and reset for water polo or other timed games
  • EZ Mode – Enter the number of reps, time, count up/down and go!
  • Workout Mode – Create sets with an unlimited number of intervals. Run that set, or combine multiple sets to build a workout.  Workouts can run continuously or with rest periods between the sets. Stop and restart at any time.

The pace clock’s piezoelectric horn sounds at the beginning of each set and interval.  You also can sound the horn on the pace clock from any screen, at any time.   That will get your swimmers’ attention!

Sets and workouts can also be created in IST’s WORKWARE Software and exported to your phone.  Ask for extra-special discount pricing when you buy WORKWARE with a Bluetooth Clock or Adapter.

Both the Swim Clock app and WORKWARE give you virtually unlimited storage for sets and workouts.  Library functions make it easy to add new sets or workouts, or find existing ones.  Backup and Restore functions means you never lose your valuable data.

Requirements: Android version must be 5.0 or higher, iPhone version must be current.

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