Changing Lane Assignments in MEETWARE

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The pandemic has forced a few changes to meet formats, including how dual meets are seeded. Many teams are now required to seed in half of the pool for one team and half for the other. For example, Ottawa in 1-3 and Union in 4-6.

While we don’t currently allow users to assign lanes to teams outside of a Multiple Dual meet, there is a work-around in MEETWARE.

First, seed the meet as you normally would. In seeding preferences, assign ODD lanes to the team that will swim in 1-3 or EVEN lanes to the team that will swim in 4-6. The team shown on the screen is the one that you are selecting for.

Next, click SEED THE MEET and enter the seeding screen. Select all of the events, and click SEED SELECTED to seed them.

Now, select the first event. Click on the swimmer or relay in lane 2 and drag the cursor down to lane 5, then let go. This will swap the swimmer or relay from lane 5 and 2.

Now you should have one team of swimmers in 1-3 and the other team in 4-6, with the fastest swimmers in the middle of the pool and the slower swimmers on the outside.

You will need to do this for every heat and event, but it goes quickly.

Also, don’t re-seed the event once you have made these changes. If you do,  you will wipe out your work and will have to re-do it!

Good luck with your meets! Don’t forget, if you have questions or need help – reach out! or 800-835-2611. We can set up an on-line training session or just answer questions.